Peter Pan driver dies from car accident injuries

Feb 26, 2017

Juan Ortiz, a Rocky Hill division Peter Pan driver who lives in Hartford dies from injuries of car accident early Saturday morning, Feb. 25, 2017.  A speeding driver on Main St.  in Hartford, just north of downtown, reportedly blew an intersection at Pavillion and hit, T-boned, Operator Ortiz car at high rate of speed. Ortiz was extricated by Hartford Fire Department and died at the scene from impact. The alleged speeding driver who escaped by foot was apprehended by K-9 Hartford police a short time later in the neighborhood.

Juan was a very popular driver at Peter Pan – Rocky Hill, and was very much liked by all his passengers and coworkers. Juan will be sadly missed by all who know him. Juan was 52 years old.

Overnight car crash in Hartford


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PABT faces heavy leaks from snowstorm

Feb 10, 2017

Leaky roof, Leaky ceilings is the story after the Feb 9, 2017 snowstorm. “Over 27 garbage containers in one small area were used to collect leaking water from ceilings on the second floor, from lighting fixtures, and so on…” The Port Authority has a history of inadequate repairs, including some ceilings that have been without coverings (electric cables and pipes exposed) for over five years!

NBC-TV NY exposes PABT after snowstorm

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PANY/NJ 10-Year Capital Plan shorts PABT

Jan 8, 2017

With the PANY/NJ announcing their $29-$32 Billion 10-Year Capital Improvement Plan that included only $3.5 Billion for the proposed “New” Bus Terminal, bus riders will again be at the short end of the stick, and with no new terminal.  $3.5 Billion is 1/3 of the estimated cost of a new, airport-quality, state of the art bus terminal that NYC commuters and Intercity Bus riders deserve.

Instead, money is being allocated for future underused projects like a NJ Path train extension to Newark Airport (Newark Airport is already served by NJ Transit trains from Penn Station/and an expensive Monorail system).  Although a subway connection to Laguardia is advisable in the long run, it is, again, not a priority for an aging airport. The bang for the buck is at the broke down midtown PABT where millions pass every day.  PA brass are only interested in the (in their eyes) upscale airport clientele.

Cuomo and Christie should see the priorities for what they are and insist on immediate new bus terminal plans. It seems that the new terminal is going to be decades away now. Unless maybe intercity carriers get together and build their own facility.

$29.5 Billion allocated spending envisioned

NY Times eyes $3.5 Billion as woeful

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Latest PABT development – Cuomo wants Inspector General

Dec. 23, 2016

New: Governor Andrew Cuomo wants an Inspector General appointed to oversee the Port Authority of NY/NJ which manages the bus terminal: his concern of widespread corruption, mismanagement and abuse.

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo and PANY/NJ John J. Degnan were in major disagreement during the latest high profile December meeting discussing the future of any New PABT or renovations of current one. The only thing agreed by both parties is the current terminal is deficient and in need of total overhaul. The next meeting is early January, 2017.

WSJ: Gov Cuomo wants overhaul and inspector general

NY Times report on PABT meeting

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New Automated Voice warning system to Pedestrians

Dec. 2, 2016

In the wake of a tragic accident in Providence earlier in the year involving a pedestrian who was struck by a bus, Rhode Island Public Transit Authority busses will  soon be equipped with a flashing and talking warning system to pedestrians that has been developed by New Jersey manufacturer ProTran Technology. The unit is called Safe Trans System and has been tested by RIPTA this year. For more info click below:

Click: Pedestrian safety systems for busses

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All New York City Airports rated LAST PLACE!

Nov. 30, 2016

A well known travel publication has rated JFK, Newark, and Laguardia Airports LAST compared to ALL other national airports.  Metrics included timeliness, accessibility and amenities, along with other factors.  In other words, the airports managed by Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which also manages (er, mismanages) the PABT, have the WORST record in a nationwide survey.  These airports came behind Chicago,  Detroit, Orlando and other cities.

Click: PANY/NJ manages worst airports nationwide

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