Peter Pan to open two parking lots for employees

July 11, 2018

Peter Pan Management is working out the details of a free employee parking lot near West Columbus/Hall of Fame Ave and Liberty St. – under the elevated I.91 highway – details to be released soon. Also, the portion of the old parking lot which Peter Pan still owns – half of the old lot – will be free for authorized maintenance personnel and coach drivers. Please watch for announcement and signs.

In addition, discounted monthly parking in the Springfield Development Authority multi-level parking lot is still being negotiated depending on number of signed up tenants.

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Martha’s Vineyard Ferry & Peter Pan Bus improve lax communications

July 8, 2018

After a May 29, 2018 incident where a delayed Peter Pan Bus ended up stranding a couple dozen passengers at Wood’s Hole after the last ferry failed to wait for them on the last sailing, both Peter Pan Bus Lines and Martha’s Vineyard Steamship Authority have firmed up their protocol regarding communications to assure it doesn’t happen again. What made it more problematic is many hotels refused to register stranded passengers who were under 25 years of age. Now, SSA will reach out to Peter Pan if they haven’t seen the last bus arrival; Peter Pan will also use the correct phone no. to contact SSA.

Steamship Authority refines their protocol with Peter Pan Bus Lines

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NJ State Senator Loretta Weinberg tells the NJ Star Ledger that Port Authority Bus terminal in dire need of reform

June 21, 2018

NJ State Senator majority leader Loretta Weinberg is once again leading the charge to change old attitudes among the Commissioners of the Port Authority of NY/NJ in calling out the Vice Chairman of the Port Authority who is quoted as saying “well, we should be looking at expanding rail instead of busses”, perfectly demonstrating how the powers that be consider the bus terminal as the unwanted entity of the six corners of the Port Authority: Airports, Bridges & Tunnels, Port of New York, Path train, Real Estate, and, uh, the bus terminal is the afterthought – as was proven when it was originally “forgotten” in the 10-year Capital Improvement Plan.

Hear this political leader tell it like it is on channel NJTV News:

Click: Sen Loretta Weinberg reveals Port Authority problems


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PVTA “Loop” service beginning Aug. 24

May 27, 2018

MGM is contributing $200,000 to a free “60 min. loop” bus service run by Springfield bus transit PVTA that will bring passengers from Union Station to the MGM Hotel-Casino as well as other tourist destinations such as the Basketball Hall of Fame and Museum Quadrangle for free. PVTA will use one of their new electric hybrid busses for the route. The route will run Wed.-Sun 10 am to 10 pm.

MGM Springfield sponsoring free bus loop service

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European Flixbus coming to California

May 14, 2018

A European startup called Flixbus which doesn’t own busses, but ties individual bus company operators together in a bus route network is entering the US market in California this summer. Flixbus allows bus operators who operate Flixbus routes to retain 75% of ticket receipts while they handle online ticket sales, scheduling, and customer service. The European company showed a profit for the first time last year.  Flixbus will be competing with Megabus and Greyhound, as well as other operators in the West and Southwest US market.

Click: Flixbus startup coming to California

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