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Peter Pan settles ADA lawsuit with US Attorney Office

Aug. 16, 2017 Peter Pan has settled a lawsuit brought by the US Attorney's office and an ADA passenger who was delayed due to malfunctioning ADA Lift equipment.  Peter Pan agreed to test coaches more frequently and better maintain ADA lifts on all its equipment. Additional training of personnel was suggested in the settlement. A compensation sum was agreed on by Peter Pan and the passenger who was delayed by the malfunction for a substantial period of time. Peter Pan settles ADA charges

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Peter Pan gas station to close

Aug 12, 2017 Peter Pan gas station adjacent to the bus garage and terminal will be closing in the near future. The tanks below ground were old style and needed an upgrade in order to remain in operation. Since the terminal will be re-purposed, and the parking lot and gas station area are all part of the re-purpose, it made no sense for Peter Picknelly to spend the capital investiture on new gas station equipment.  Diesel tanks will be used at the garage while the station is dug up and leveled. Peter Pan gas station to close  

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New hotel being built abutting Rocky Hill garage

July 25, 2017 The property in front of Peter Pan Rocky Hill, CT maintenance facility - which was posted as "For Sale" some years ago - which spearheaded an ugly "rumor" that Peter Pan's property was "for sale" - has been sold, and will be the home of a new two-story Hampton Inn and Suites hotel. The hotel will have a construction cost of $7 Million and is expected to open in May, 2018. The hotel will be owned by local hotel owner Gary Desai (no rumors needed). New hotel Hampton Inn  

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