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Peter Pan will move to new Union Station Springfield

May 9, 2017

Peter Picknelly and the Springfield Redevelopment Authority announced yesterday that financial terms have been decided, and Peter Pan will move its operations (with Greyhound as a second bus operator) to the new Union Station. There is no timeline, as Peter Picknelly has said that it will take some time to work out the mechanics and details of the move. There is no announcement yet about office space – long term or short term lease.

Peter Picknelly is working with several potential suitors for the redevelopment of the current bus terminal facility. Those negotiations are confidential and the party is not yet announced.

Peter Picknelly confirms move will happen

Greyhound and Peter Pan relocating

Bus driver lounge, ticket counter agreement signed

greyhound busPeter pan bus

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Pool partner Greyhound involved with Union Station lease negotiations

May 6, 2017

Since Greyhound operates intercity busses in and out of Springfield, and currently uses the Peter L. Picknelly terminal, which would be “re-purposed” into another use,…Greyhound, as part of the pooling agreement, is involved along with Peter A. Picknelly, in the current negotiations with the Springfield Redevelopment Authority for part or all of the remaining nine bus gates at the new Union Station. Read more about this here:

Greyhound would be moving over with Peter Pan once lease agreement is signed.

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Peter Pan only bidder for InterCity Bus gates – Union Station, Springfield

April 30, 2017

Union Station officials disclosed today that Peter Picknelly was the only bidder on the remaining available platforms for lease at the new Union Station in Springfield, Mass. The new inter-modal transportation hub will be opening on June 25, 2017.  There are 27 platforms; 18 of the platforms will be leased by PVTA for a whopping $18,000 per month each. The remaining nine platforms are available; it is not clear how many platforms Peter Pan will contract for. Other operators: Greyhound (see new development in adjoining article), Megabus, Academy, or any other independent curbside operators have  not yet put in bids, and the bidding is currently closed. It is also not clear if the bid is for immediate tenancy, or if that remains to be negotiated between the parties.

PVTA signs 75 yr. pact; Peter Pan next


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