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Peter Pan negotiating w/city over Union Station

With the projected opening of the new Springfield Union Station Transporation Hub in January 2017, Peter Pan managers and the Springfield Redevelopment Authority are in discussions about a lease agreement of gates and ticket counter space in the Intermodal Transporation Center.  As of now, Peter Picknelly has not committed to making the move, but that could change. Click: Peter Pan negotiates w/Union Station Click: Springfield Redevelopment Authority website springfield-union-station-1

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Greyhound Leases Parking

DSCF1944 July 14, 2016 Through our sources, we have learned that First Group has leased the 30th street parking lot in Manhattan for their motorcoaches to park. This will begin in two weeks on Aug. 1, 2016. We hope this will alleviate some of the problems at the PABT where gates are not available for loading and unloading. We are watching this ongoing problem very closely.

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