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Logan Airport Improvements & Construction

Aug. 19, 2019

MassPort announced upcoming changes in the next five years to Logan Airport with expected expenditure of $2 Billion.

  • Terminal E will be expanded: Seven new aircraft gates, larger concourse, shopping & dining, ticketing and security areas.
  • Terminal C will have a canopy and improved roads
  • Connector walkways between Terminal B and Terminal C
  • 5,000 more parking spaces
  • Designated Uber & Lyft areas
  • Expanding Logan Express service to North Station; Increasing Logan Express busses to Framingham & Braintree; More Logan Express parking

Logan Airport announced a Five-Yr Improvement Plan

MassPort press release on Logan improvement plans

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Flixbus testing Virtual Reality Headsets

Aug 3, 2019

Flixbus, a European intercity operator with licensed bus company partners, has been testing Virtual Reality headsets on some of their longer distance routes in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, for their passengers’ use. Flixbus entered the US marketplace in 2018 and has expanded on both coasts as well as in the Southwest. In Europe, they recently purchased French operator Euroline. 

Inflight VR has already tested their product on certain airline routes. The headsets eventually would be rented for the trip or included in a “deluxe” price. 

Flixbus testing VR headsets

Eurolines purchased by german Flixbus

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