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NTSB Report on Dahlia bus crash Flushing, Queens 2017

Mar. 3, 2019

The NTSB has issued their final report on a Sept, 2017 Dahlia bus accident in Flushing, Queens, New York. Part of the report cites new information that a metal “coffee” thermos was found at the accident scene near the foot control pedals. In addition, audible sounds on the motorcoach GPS forward-facing video camera detected a “metal rattling sound” seconds before the accident, as well as exclamation sounds from the operator. Proof of the thermos involvement was not conclusive. (A driver-compartment facing camera would have disclosed whether or not the thermos was causal.)

The NTSB was unable to determine with certainty, whether or not the thermos played a role in the accident by falling and possibly wedging underneath or between the brake and throttle pedals. Official cause of accident was unintended speed acceleration/inability to brake by operator. There were three fatalities and over a dozen injuries. 

Street View camera – You Tube

CBS New York – Dahlia bus crash 2017 clip

NTSB final report summary: Dahlia bus crash

NTSB report full version: 10 pages













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Kelley Transit bus of Torrington, Ct closes doors

Feb. 18, 2019

Kelley Transit bus company of Torrington, CT which operated charters and commuter service has suddenly ceased operations last week. The company had declared Chapter 11 re-organization bankruptcy in 2011. The company had a transportation history of over 150 years!

Both Peter Pan Bus Lines  and Dattco of New Britain will likely bid on the commuter bus contract Torrington to Waterbury, according to spokesperson of the state bureau of public transportation. CT Transit will temporarily operate the service until bidding and award are completed within the year.

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