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NTSB says: Bus driver in Aug., 2016 California bus crash was seriously fatigued

Jan. 18, 2018 NTSB investigators last November, 2017 have reported that bus driver of Autobuses Coordinados USA travelling from Los Angeles to Modesto, Ca. had opportunity of only 5 hours to sleep in the previous 40 hour period, causing "acute sleep loss" according to NTSB final report on the crash which resulted in four fatalities. Click here for more information: NTSB publishes report on Aug. 2016 California bus crash

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New MCI D45 model has mid-door low entry ADA doorway/vestibule

Jan. 18, 2018 MCI has redesigned their D45 Commuter Series coach with the D45-CRT-LE that has a second door entryway/exitway (split door) a low vestibule area for Wheelchair/Scooter pax and a ramp for entry/egress.  Checkout the photos below for more information:

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Greyhound bus passengers threatened; driver refuses to pull over

Jan. 13, 2018 A Greyhound bus heading East in Wisconsin to Chicago, Ill. was surrounded by 20 police vehicles after passengers reported an individual on the bus was threatening them with harm. The driver however, refused to pull over for a long time, until it was forced to stop after spike strips set-up by police, punctured the front tires of the bus. A 34 year old was removed from the bus, handcuffed, and charged with making terrorist threats and other felony crimes. The bus driver claims he thought the police were on a training exercise, or, other reports suggest the bus driver thought the police were following a different vehicle. There may be criminal charges against Greyhound driver who drove an additional 17 miles after police began the pursuit following the passenger 911 call. The driver is put out-of-service by Greyhound during further investigation. County DA considering charges on Greyhound driver   Greyhound driver refuses to pull over, possible hostage situation

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