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Peter Pan administrative offices moving to Union Station, Springfield

Nov 24, 2017 Peter Pan bus lines has signed a 5 year - renewable to 20 years - lease on the entire third floor of the new Springfield Union Station. All administrative and executive offices will be moved to the newly renovated building from 1776 Main Street. Approximately 100 employees will occupy newly designed offices in the new building at 55 Frank B. Murray Street.  Busses have operated from the new station since September, 2017.   Peter Pan administrative offices will be moving

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Peter Picknelly speaks to media about the new Peter Pan

Sept. 27, 2017 Peter Picknelly spoke to the media today about the company going back to its roots. "What people want in a bus company is really very simple.  They want a clean bus, a professional driver, on-time, friendly service. Seems easy...but it's really difficult to execute...all the time! I...think that Peter Pan executes it better than most..."   See the full short PR video...  "All of us are really excited about our opportunities. We're now travelling our own road just like we were doing in the good ol' days!" VIDEO  Peter Pan returns to its "Routes"

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