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Train/Bus crash in Mississippi caused by uneven Railroad Grade Crossing

March 8, 2017

An Echo Tourbus carrying senior citizens to a Biloxi casino in Mississippi bottoms-out at the Railroad Grade Crossing and is hit by an oncoming CSX cargo train.  The bus was pushed 300 feet by the train’s locomotive before coming to a stop. The grade crossing has signs which indicate the crossing has “a steep embankment” and “low ground clearance”. Multiple fatalities are being reported. There are also many reports of numerous similar incidents at this railroad grade crossing.

AP reports grade crossing is not level

Bus Train accident repeat of similar incidents at crossing


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Peter Picknelly confirms move to Union Station, Spfld

March 7, 2017

During yesterday’s tour of the new Springfield Union Station Transportation Center with Congressman Richard Neal, Peter Picknelly confirmed his intention to move intercity bus operations into the new facility – despite not yet agreeing to lease terms.  About the new station: “It’s a beautiful facility…it was designed with us in mind…”

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to the eventual move is what to do with the current terminal and corporate office space? Peter Picknelly hinted that a major player is involved with the eventual re purposing of the old terminal including the eventual demolish of at least part of it, and construction of new facility.

Corporate offices will either move to the new Union Station, or to space on Elm Street at Court Square. Train service is expected to increase through the new station between New Haven and Springfield, operated by MetroNorth. This, however, is years away, as new tracks have to be installed where there are only one set of tracks. That work is ongoing.

The new station Grand Opening is June 24, 2017!

Peter opens up about Union Station

WWLP-TV shows new Union Station


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Peter Pan driver dies from car accident injuries

Feb 26, 2017

Juan Ortiz, a Rocky Hill division Peter Pan driver who lives in Hartford dies from injuries of car accident early Saturday morning, Feb. 25, 2017.  A speeding driver on Main St.  in Hartford, just north of downtown, reportedly blew an intersection at Pavillion and hit, T-boned, Operator Ortiz car at high rate of speed. Ortiz was extricated by Hartford Fire Department and died at the scene from impact. The alleged speeding driver who escaped by foot was apprehended by K-9 Hartford police a short time later in the neighborhood.

Juan was a very popular driver at Peter Pan – Rocky Hill, and was very much liked by all his passengers and coworkers. Juan will be sadly missed by all who know him. Juan was 52 years old.

Overnight car crash in Hartford


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