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Motorcoach industry ignored in new 1.9T Dem Covid Relief bill

Feb. 27, 2021

According to most sources, the latest Covid Relief package pushed through by Democrats in the House late last night has zero relief for the motorcoach industry. It proposes $30 billion in relief for public transit agencies, $1.5 billion for Amtrak, $8 billion for airports and $15 billion for airline workers — all on top of tens of billions of dollars of industry aid that the last two pandemic relief packages included. But one transportation sector is almost entirely left off the American Rescue Plan Act’s life raft: the motorcoach business.

Along with the Greyhound and Peter Pan buses that are familiar sights on U.S. interstates, the industry encompasses nearly 3,000 carriers that provide charter trips, sightseeing tours, scheduled commuter stops, intercity connections and other varieties of bus-based travel. Before Covid-19, these buses carried 575 million passengers annually, pulling in $15.4 billion in revenue, according to data from the American Bus Association. But they have received little attention from lawmakers.

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Greyhound of South Africa announces final day of operations

Feb. 15, 2021

Greyhound Bus Lines of South Africa, which covers a large network of line routes including Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswana and South Africa, announced immediate cease of all operations and permanent closure – and including its Citiliner brand – due to factors like lockdowns, border closures, banning of interprovincial travel and curfews. The company has a 37-year history and is the number one mode of travel on Africa’s horn. Their fleet includes luxury double-decker MAN busses amongst other streamlined models.

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