April 23, 2018,

New York City MTA announced today introduction of its new Alexander Dennis double decker bus that will travel from Staten Island to Manhattan. Other new time-saving features of the new MTA bus plan include: More bus-only lanes during rush hours; pre-pay before boarding on all busses like today’s “Select bus” express routes; traffic priority lights for busses; and an app that tells the waiting passenger whether or not there is an available “seat” on the arriving bus.

The bus, wrapped in the state flag’s blue and gold, will be tested on the X17J route that runs from Staten Island’s South Shore to midtown Manhattan. The bus tops out just under 12 feet 10 inches tall, according to its manufacturer, the British company Alexander Dennis, making it just short enough to fit under the Lincoln Tunnel’s 13-foot clearance.

More here: New Alexander Dennis double-decker transit busses coming to Staten Island-Manhattan route!

Andy Byford, President of MTA, NYC in front of new flagship double decker bus.