Dec 20, 2018

Peter Pan received delivery of five new 2019 model year MCI J4500 coaches before the Thanksgiving holiday last month. These coaches feature MCI’s optional Bendix Fusion, the next-generation Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) featuring a collision mitigation camera radar system with stationary vehicle braking, lane departure warning, traffic sign recognition and more.  Fuel efficiency was also improved as the 2019 J4500’s new swing-out e-Fan system is showing fuel savings averaging 3 percent above the already exceptional standard fuel efficiency of the J4500 model as demonstrated in independent tests. 

Peter Pan’s relationship with MCI began in the early 1970s. Tom Picknally said the company first went with the MC-8 coach and added MCI models ever since.  “MCI understands multi-generational operators and what they need to continue building their business.”

Today Peter Pan has over 137 MCI J4500s in its fleet of 250 MCI coaches.

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