Nov. 22, 2020

MCI has introduced a new design line to the D Series 45-foot motorcoach, both intercity and commuter models. Photos here show the major changes in the nose and rear view and other remodeling styles. Springfield, Ma. division is hosting the D4520 demo for a short time. This next generation D-Series high floor coach seems to be Buy-America compliant. The handicap lift is in the rear of the coach preserving Luggage space for the InterCity/Charter model.

Our spy photos here of the D4520 assembled July, 2020 in Pembina, ND:

2020 Model Yr MCI D4520 with sliding front door
Closeup of Headlight/Marker Assembly with LED Frosted Cover
Model Yr 2020 MCI D4520
Model Yr 2020 MCI D4520