Mar. 3, 2019

The NTSB has issued their final report on a Sept, 2017 Dahlia bus accident in Flushing, Queens, New York. Part of the report cites new information that a metal “coffee” thermos was found at the accident scene near the foot control pedals. In addition, audible sounds on the motorcoach GPS forward-facing video camera detected a “metal rattling sound” seconds before the accident, as well as exclamation sounds from the operator. Proof of the thermos involvement was not conclusive. (A driver-compartment facing camera would have disclosed whether or not the thermos was causal.)

The NTSB was unable to determine with certainty, whether or not the thermos played a role in the accident by falling and possibly wedging underneath or between the brake and throttle pedals. Official cause of accident was unintended speed acceleration/inability to brake by operator. There were three fatalities and over a dozen injuries. 

Street View camera – You Tube

CBS New York – Dahlia bus crash 2017 clip

NTSB final report summary: Dahlia bus crash

NTSB report full version: 10 pages