June 20, 2020

Congressman Richard Neal and Mayor Domenic Sarno of Springfield, announced that part of an upcoming infrastructure improvement bill being considered and expecting to pass both houses of Congress has substantial monies to start on one of three proposals to improve rail service on the East-West Corridor between Springfield-Worcester-Boston.

While city-to-city transit ridership is at an all-time-low due to Covid-19 economy shutdowns, fears among the public, and tele-commuting, resulting in fact in a major reduction of schedules by Amtrak as well as intercity lines like Peter Pan; the unrealistic train buffs like State Senator Eric Lesser and others continue to ignore projected low ridership on Trains – as opposed to more efficient Intercity busses like Peter Pan – and idealize a high speed or frequent train service between these city pairs.

Ridership on busses or trains to improve commuter times to/from Boston will only improve if “HOV lanes” or “Higher Toll exclusive use lanes” are installed near the Hub (Boston) metro area.

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