Springfield Union Station opened Sunday, June 25, 2017 following a $94 Million remodel four decades in the making. The surface area, including all the bus docks and multi-level garage building, and the train/bus station is at least six times the size of the current Peter L. Picknelly Transportation Center. 27 docks are spread out between Frank B. Murray Street, Dwight Street, Main Street and Liberty Street.

Here is the Money Breakdown: Funding from the Federal Government: $43.6 Million. Funding from the State Government: $44.7 Million.

Funding from City Government: $5.8 Million. Total Funding is $94 Million.

Peter Pan Bus Lines and Greyhound Bus Lines will be following the PVTA transit busses into the new Union Station in July or August, 2017.  The current terminal will be re-purposed by OPAL Real Estate. TBA.